Last month I relocated to Melbourne with my husband and son. I like the new place and new people. but as the day passes, I feel boring as my husband goes to the office and I am in the house to take care of my son. As we know it’s difficult to manage on one salary in this expensive city so I decided to do some work. in the very beginning, I don’t  know anything from where I start, then one of my friends called me and I discussed with her about my situation. She told me as I’m on a dependent visa so it’s an opportunity for me to work over here. so, I decided to apply for some part time jobs. I updated my resume and start applying for some jobs like the retail assistant, helper, in coffee shops etc, but after so many trials nothing happened.


Then one day my husband suggested me to try with online marketing, as with that I shall be at home to take care of my daughter and do work at the same time. here is my journey to be as online marketing begins.

Firstly, I had to search some online courses about marketing and SEO so that I gain some knowledge about it.  web facility helped me and through I can find some small online courses for marketing and how to generate traffic.  After completing my course on diploma in web business and the diploma in social media marketing through Alison I became the certified one.


Despite these courses, I am not ready to do online marketing so I decided to do some more course. then I joined the online course of inbound marketing through HubSpot Academy. its 4-hour course where you learn about inbound marketing methodology how to attract visitors and then convert them into leads and then make them customers and finally converted them into promoters. with the help of this course I understand the basics of inbound marketing and now I am confident that I will start as a consultant in online marketing.


The very first thing I started with BLOGGING.  I tried to write one blog a day. In the beginning, it will take some time for me to write because I don’t know how to write and what thing should be in my mind while writing. therefore, I started to think as a common people, not a blogger. the questions that come to mind as a common people.


1) why I read this blog?

2) Is this blog relevant to me in any manner?

3)  what are the benefits I will gain with this blog?

4) does the blog content give me any knowledge?

All these points keep in my mind I started writing a blog.  As a marketer, I begin with what are the demands of my buyer’s persons and what they like on my blog so that they go to my website and read my blogs. then I understand it’s the CONTENT that will attract the new visitors. so, your blog should be educational. Then I search various sites, forums, discussions to gain some content for my blog. I used for free images. picture my quote is also a great website where you can create your own quote and put them in your blog. I also used infographics, so that I can make good images for my visitors.

I hope you will gain some tips with my learning experience and it will help you in writing a good blog and attract your visitors.