Kids Starting a Business

Kids Starting a Business

The way of the world is changing. With the global economy making it harder for people to make money in order to live, children are starting to emerge as entrepreneurs. For kids starting a business there is often one thing in mind and that is to make, or build on, their allowance, but it’s also to teach them life skills that are an integral part of being successful.

Nowadays children need to be taught the importance of managing, budgeting and saving money as well as the gravity of working with different people and how these individuals can influence the kids businesses and their lives.

Business Ideas

There are many businesses for kids to start in order to start filling their pockets and piggybanks.

  • Babysitting is particularly popular with the teenagers. Parents are often looking for a reliable and responsible person to look after their children for a few hours. Babysitting may be a saturated market but trustworthy sitters are hard to find, so once a person has proved to be capable and trustworthy they will be called on often to babysit.
  • Another way of teaching kids about business skills is to let them help you around the house. Earning money by doing chores is a good way to start them out before letting them venture outside with a lemonade stand. Teach them to incorporate artwork and trinkets into the business concept to make it more interesting.
  • Washing cars is a firm favourite with little ones, not only because it pays, but also because they get to spray everyone and everything without being punished for it. On hot summer days, the kids’ can combine their lemonade stand and car wash, offering refreshments to clients while the kids have tons of fun cleaning neighbours and the family’s cars, while filling their pockets.


Kids starting a business won’t necessarily look at what they’re doing is fun, it’s initially just about the cash. You can help your child by establishing what their passion is, and they can expand on that. This is a particularly vital step when trying to find a business for kids to start. So many adults are unhappy in their careers and jobs this is why teaching kids from an early age that they should follow their passion, is the ultimate guide to happiness and success.There are so many fun ideas on how to start a business when you are a kid. Walking dogs, cleaning up backyards and pools are other options.

If kids are serious about wanting to make money, then guidance is required in the financial and marketing sector, but parents need to remember that they cannot do the work for the little ones. Guidance is great but like everyone else, learning by trial and error is the only way to success. Parents need to guide kids through preparation of what is required for the business; safety when selling to, and dealing with, strangers; marketing the business by perhaps trying the idea out on friends and family members; and most importantly always praise and encourage the kids starting a business for taking on this massive venture because it’s a big deal, even for adults, to work for themselves.


Vida Denning enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics. Vida has worked for several companies but preferred the flexibility of working for herself. Since resigning from working in office for rent and serviced offices bristol, Vida has taught her kids about the importance of making a success out of their passion.