Job Ad Generator feature

What is Job Ad Generator feature?

This is a really nice feature and getting used by many recruiters now.


Recruiters are told that the company is looking for 5+ year experienced teacher for an elementary school.
It can high level be written in 1-3 sentences.
Now sometimes it looks too small to post in job boards.
Need to put some common content in the job ad description.
Need to put some disclaimers
Need to put some content for roles and responsibilities.

All this can take up some time.


Jobisite provides a simple utility to create your job ad description in few seconds.
Just add some job title and then select some suggested content from the help.

You may need to format or do some changes but the tool helps in saving a lot of time.


How :

1) Go to this link:



2) Type role and get suggestion on job summary


3) select roles and responsibilities


4) Job ad is generated.