Trey Harrell

Interview with Trey Harrell- Influential attorney from South Carolina

Trey Harrell

We got an opportunity to meet and have discussion with Trey Harrell, a very influential and dynamic attorney based from South Carolina.

First of all, we thank Trey for answering some of our questions.

Trey, Can you tell us more about yourself and How did you started.
I am a former prosecutor who runs his own practice in Charleston, SC. I have gained a lot of experience while working with big prestigious firms and then I decided to form my own firm.
I always had the desire to be a small business owner and the one who creates jobs for the others.
I have recently moved my office into Harrell Square, in Charleston, wherein I am looking into cases along with my Uncle. Both of us compliment each other very well and it helps a lot in our practice.


Tell us about your family and their support in your career?
I have a very beautiful wife, Amber and I am a very proud father to a very pretty and smart 3 years old girl. My wife is one of the best support I have got and she backs me up every day on various routines.
She is my role model and I always feel very lucky to have her in my life.
On personal level, my parents have a big influence in my life and could not have done all the things for the state without their help and guidance.


What’s next for you in your career/business?
I constantly get asked if I am going to run for office. My answer is always the same.
Currently I am more focused on growing my practice as a Charleston Attorney and to be the one of the best fathers; even though I love to be a part of the moment to work on the issues of the country.


Any accomplishment you will like to share and some inspirations for young budding prosecutors?
Recently I was listed in the National Trial Lawyers -Top 40 Under 40. It’s very rewarding when you work tirelessly for the clients. In my family we have a saying, “The harder I work the luckier I get”. That is by far the best advice that I could give to anyone. Just always keep faith and keep moving forward.

Another thing I will like to add is to treat people rightly.Whether it is a client, opposing counsel or a witness;
if you are straight with folks and don’t “hide the ball”, you can get a lot more accomplished.

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