Interview with Brian Setencich

About Brian Setencich
Brian is a 48 yr/old Florida Native living in Chicago, IL. He is an architect who enjoys travel and white water rafting.
He’s also an amateur photographer and chef. Brian enjoys spending time with his two children who are also as adventurous as he is. Another one of his business interest is real estate. He loves being able to turn around a fixer-upper for a great flip and profit.
Brian has traveled to Australia for business and pleasure such as surfing, parasailing, and more.

He loves leading big projects but his true joy lies in people building their first homes. His alma mater is The Illinois School of Architecture.
He interned. Brian also completed an architecture internship at the CIA and often teaches as his alma mater.

Brian Setencich has a long career history of achieving success dating back to his college days when he found an internship with the impressive CIA practice.
Flipping homes in Chicago region has helped a lot in initial days of learning and found the passion to work as an architect.

So we got a chance to ask some questions to Mr.Setencich who has become a respected figure in the Chicago community for the success as an architect.

So What do you enjoy most in travelling?
Apart from various outdoor activities , I take time to visit various architecture buildings of all shapes and sizes.
I have spent time in Italy and Australia and really like the modern projects there.


Do you travel alone? Why?
Most of my travels are for work, so I do often travel alone to cut down on costs.


Any tips for inexperienced traveler?
That is a tough question to answer as we all have different skills and experiences we bring to our travels.
Basic things such as making sure you do some research about the region you are traveling to so you can pack appropriate clothing for the culture and weather.


How is your experience in selling real estate?
I have a good experience in both buying and selling real estate and it is a must now a days for real estate businesses and architects.I feel like I know the ins and outs of the business and how to take advantage of real estate opportunities.
I always try to improve the property that I have purchased before selling it. Many of client appreciate the design and architect of the renovations.
This appreciation also keeps me motivated and focused to provide good quality to clients.


What qualities are essential in real estate industry?
Honesty, integrity, and a willingness to take risks are the main qualities to be successful in this industry.
People need to be patient also. When a home doesn’t sell right away, don’t be tempted to drop the price too quickly.
Try to improve yourself. Keep an retrospective or any feedback system. You can always ask your clients for feedback.
Another quality is due diligence in your research for the property. I always recommend to check the paper work and full history records of the property.


How do you relate Architects with tourism?
It plays an important role in tourism industry as everyone first prefers resorts or hotels based on its facilities.
Architects partner with aspiring hotel and resort owners to create a space that’s appealing for the traveling population. It is not only the real estate industry that’s gaining from the architect’s work.


How do you see architects helping cities?
Architects can incorporate eco-friendly strategies into their profession with more focus towards green movement and reduce carbon footprints.
Architects can help in home foreclosures and encouraging people to buy old homes even.
Architects help transform home foreclosures.They can help in modernizing old homes and can also redevelop based
on style preferences of expected buyers. This is a great way to inspire future homeowners not to be intimidated by picking foreclosures.


Any suggestions for budding architects?
For architects, I will suggest to keep up to date with latest trends.
Try to attend real estate conventions and be active and helpful in social medias.
Word of mouth also plays an important role, so focus on building a happy client base.