Human Resource interview questions

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Human Resource interview questions


If you want to work in the human resources field, you would need to be familiar with interviews. When you apply for the job, you would need to answer the Human Resource interview questions. When you work for your company to recruit new people, you would need to ask the questions.


Question 1: What motivates you to work in this field?

Human resources field is usually regarded as something routine. Therefore, you need to tell the interviewers that you have a particular career goal so that you would be motivated to work through the human resource work.


Question 2: What does KPI mean to you?

KPI means key performance indicator. This would be something important for the organization to measure the successfulness of the company achievements. Therefore, you would need to stress the importance of this thing to the growth and sustainability of the organization.


Question 3: What is MBO?

MBO generally means management by objective. It means that the company would set some goals and targets for employees to achieve. The objectives would be something related to work and it could also be something not related to the work. As long as people have their incentives to work and to achieve the objectives, they can put down these things.


Question 4: When was the time that you were not satisfied with your performance?

You would need to cite an experience in which you performed badly in some of the projects or issues. You can also tell the reason why you did it badly and the way that you managed your emotions.


Question 5: How would you ask questions?

As mentioned above, people working in the human resources department would have a lot of chances to ask questions to the candidates. Therefore, the tone and the manner of asking question would be checked when you do the interview.


Question 6: How will you work in a team?

There are a lot of projects that the human resources department needs to handle and they would need to cooperate in a team. Thus, you have to be teamwork-oriented.


Question 7: What do you expect to learn from this job?

You may want to learn about the way to assess people and the way to understand people or to evaluate people.


Question 8: Is first impression important?

You would need to explain the importance of first impression and how it would affect the feeling of the others. As the human resources personnel you would sometimes be required to use short time to decide on whether you would hire the others. Therefore, first impression should be important.


Question 9: Name three key strengths of yourself?

You need to list them one by one and provide sufficient explanation for the choice.


Question 10: How do you reduce stress?

Sometimes, people working in the human resources field need to release their stress well. They may have a lot of stresses during the peak season of recruitment so they need to have a way to make themselves relax. Otherwise, they could not finish the work with good quality.


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