Customize Your Resume

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How to Customize Your Resume Based on Your Experience

Making a resume is not the difficult task as we all now are 
provided with internet facility at all.But to design in that 
way to impress the hiring manager is the difficult one.So,
what to do in order to make a resume good one .Here are the 
some points listed below:

1.Avoid mentioning time in your qualifications or career summaries
Try to tell more and more about the qualification inspite of writing 
about the timw you need to complete it.For example if it took 7 years
for you to be qualified one then ultimately you havedecreased  7 years
of your job.

2.Avoid reaching way back in your professional experience
Never write short stories related to your experience in the company coz
the hiring manager is no more interested or is not paid to read stories
just make a relevant data about the companies in which you had worked.

3.List your educational experience, but avoid putting any dates
Mention about the qualifications is good but if you are also writing dates
with them might it shows that you are new or may be old for this job and will
create an misunderstanding in the hiring manager's mind.

4.Let your resume tell a story about list of the things you’ve done
Yes try to make a resume a self speaking one so that a hiring manager may ask 
questions related to comapny not to your experience or past job.Highlight specific 
areas where needed.The less time your interview takes the more relaxed you will be.

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