H-1 B visa companies

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Serving the Clients Who Want to Obtain H-1 B Visa

H-1 B visa is a non-immigrant visa which is issued by the US government. When companies in the US employ workers from other countries for short time assignments or temporary jobs, the workers have to obtain the H-1 B visa. The workers who apply for H-1 B visa must have technical qualifications in any one of the specialized fields like IT, medicine, science or engineering. The H-1 B visa is issued only for specialty jobs and the professionals who apply for this non-immigrant visa must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the subject. The H-1 B visa companies help the applicants to apply for the visa and also to fix the dates for the visa interviews in the nearest consulate of US. Once the petition submitted by the worker is approved, the applicant can appear for the H-1 B visa interview.

The H-1 B visa companies offer guidance and assistants to the applicants for attending the interviews. On successful completion of the interview, the H-1 B stamping will be provided on the passport of the worker.


Service with a commitment

The H-1 B visa companies will explain to the applicants the requirements for applying for the H-1 visa. The company staff will ensure that the worker is eligible for H-1 B visa. They will check whether the profile of the applicant matches to each and every requirement of the H-1 B visa application. The company staff will also ensure that the worker is in a specialty occupation and he is already employed by the petitioning US company for a temporary job or a short-term assignment.

The personnel who are employed by the H-1 B visa companies are highly responsible and they will be very friendly as well as cordial to the clients. They assist the clients throughout the documentation work and also give useful tips for completing the visa interviews successfully. All the staff members of these companies will be very supportive and the clients can contact them over the phone or email when they require any information regarding their application for H-1 B visa.


Support throughout the process

The H-1 B visa companies provide all services related to H-1 B visa. Those who have obtained the H-1 B visa can work in the US and stay there along with spouse and children. Once the visa is granted, the worker can collect his passport from the OFC centre within 5 working days. After paying the visa application fee, the staff of the visa company will help the applicants to book online the two appointments for visa interview. The visa companies provide full service to the clients throughout the H-1 B visa process.


They provide the checklist of documents that are required to apply for H-1 B visa and help the clients to complete the application process in the proper way. They will assist the clients to fill up the forms, complete the documentation and file the visa petition. The representatives of the visa companies will follow up with the US consulate and update the clients about the H-1 B visa process. The companies also offer other services including Air Port pick up, accommodation and relocation.




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