Example of resume

Example of resume

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Preparing a Powerful Resume

The resume that describes the qualifications, work experience and skills of the candidate in such a way so as to project him as a unique candidate is considered as the best example of resume. A powerful resume will not fail to grab the attention of the employer and make him to call the candidate for an interview. The purpose of the resume should be to highlight the special kills and other outstanding accomplishments of the applicant. After going through the resume the employer should realize that the particular candidate is the exact match to the post for which the applications were invited. It is very important to organize the resume in proper sections.Example of resume

The applicant should ensure that each section is expressive, informative and impressive. For those who are preparing the resume for the first time it is advisable to first go through an example of resume and learn how to write each section. The format of a resume can be either chronological or functional. If the candidate has a long history of work experience and a long list of skills, a combined format will be ideal.


Customizing the resume

Prior to preparing the resume, the applicant may go through an example of resume which was written for the particular job in the particular industry. The resume which is professionally written is more impressive as well as effective. When the hiring official is impressed with the resume it will be easier for the candidate to get selected for the job. The resume that really helps the candidate to win the job must contain the details of work experience in the relevant industry, the educational qualifications and the details of certifications that illustrate the special skills of the candidate. While following an example of resume one should keep in mind that the particular details in the resume are bound to vary according to the industry and the position for which the application is made. The candidate has to add the various components in the resume after considering the needs and preferences of the prospective employer, the previous experience of the candidate and the relevant skills that he or she possesses.

Sections in the resume

One has to understand from the example of resume that the basic sections of all resumes are almost the same in spite of all the variables. While making the plan for the resume the candidate may ensure to include the following sections in it.

  • A summary of the entire content
  • Details of educational qualifications
  • Details of relevant work experience and other work experience
  • Details of certifications/specializations

While designing the sections the candidate may also decide the resume format also – chronological or functional or hybrid.

Tips to make the resume more impressive

  1. Include two or three short phrases
  2. Mention name of the applicant and contact details at the top
  3. In the work-experience section, mention the present job or your latest job first
  4. Abstain from using pronouns like “I” and “Me”

The applicant should use his resume to showcase his talent and skills. The skills and talents that are listed in the resume must be relevant to the job description provided by the employer. The resume must contain keywords taken from the job posting and while preparing the resume one should be as specific as possible instead of going for generalization. Information is to be provided by relevance and in case the applicant has any irrelevant skill, the same should appear only at the bottom of the skills section.


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