Get started with your dream job: avoid making the common resume mistakes

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You are done with your graduation and are eagerly waiting for that dream offer to strike
you. Lady luck will not help you crack that offer, you yourself will. And the first impression
you make to an employer is through your resume.

Resume errors that do not portray a good employee:

Resume mistakes include grammatical or spelling errors. Also long paragraphs speak a lot
about your disability to focus. And it is easy to land up in the dustbin in that way. Alignment
and spacing should also be kept in mind while making a resume. Focus area should depend
on what the employers are looking for. Resume should never get too boring or out of track
for the person reading it. And it is better to upgrade your resume with every new job offer
as requirements tend to differ. It is never very wise of you to summarize your career and
include achievements that do not suit the job profile that you are applying for.

Standing out of the crowd but in a creative way:

In a bid to stand out of the crowd many people tend to over decorate the resume that does
not any more leave it formal. This resume mistakes should always be avoided. Rather being
creative helps and showing your achievements in bullet points and short paragraphs get a
positive response. Whenever you are asked to forward your resume over the internet make
sure that you forward a cover letter to introduce yourself to them in a humble way, along
with the resume. The resume should not exceed 2-3 pages.

resume mistakes

Avoid speaking of references until asked for. This is a major turn off for the employers.
Another major resume mistake is to include anything and everything about your personal
hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Remember they are looking for an employee so
having related hobbies would give you an added advantage. But this does not provide you
with the chance to make up things to your own advantage. Your seniors are your seniors for
some true reasons. Lastly never really object oriented your resume or it gets cornered for a
specific designation only. Leaving your options open may get you a job opening at another
available field and you will not even sound too fussy.

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