Electricians cover letter

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                                                                                    Electricians cover letter

Like other professional cover letters, electrician’s cover letter must be prepared with full care by mentioning all necessary information that can impress the employer. The cover letter should always be accompanied by resume to gain more attention. If you have written carefully then you can definitely look forward for a good opportunity with a reputed organization. The basic work of any electrician is to repair and install the electrical wirings, cables, fixtures and other electrical equipments. He has to check the electrical functioning in both residential complexes and commercial sites. A good electrician is the one who has the practical and conceptual knowledge about his field.

With many electrical companies minimizing the intake and downsizing the workforce, it is a tough way ahead for all aspirants who want to become electricians. But it does not mean that you can’t find the suitable job. If you are right in your approach then finding any job is not a difficult task and electrician job is not exceptional to it. Approaching employers through cover letters is the new tendency which is happening in the market today. These day’s electrician job aspirants are taking the help of cover letters to express their full expertise and experience effectively.

The cover letters come handy for both first timers as well as experienced electricians. Some times it is difficult to find the relevant job you are looking for. In some other times even if you found, you are failed to get that job. The main reason behind this is failed attempt to reach the employer. In circumstances like this it is recommended to use cover letters as no hiring manager has time to read your resume in detail. Instead of writing lengthy stories, prepare a short and sweet cover letter which is more than enough to get an interview call.

Electricians cover letter example

Dear Mr. Bidden,

I am Peter Sidle, a skilled electrical engineer with 10 years of experience that consists of industrial installations, fire protection systems, data systems, commercial installations, data systems and maintenance.

I worked at 2 leading production companies as Senior Lead Electrical Engineer on industrial, leisure, residential and commercial projects.

I have completed my Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering from University of New South Wales. In my professional career I have not only gained technical experience but also well versed in project managerial skills. I have handful of experience in human resources, equipment management and book keeping.

I feel my experience and skills suits for the position you have mentioned. I don’t have any issues in working for long hours. Customer satisfaction is always my first priority. I am a hard working, dedicated and sincere person from whom you can expect social and organizational outstanding skills. I hope, you will read my cover letter with full interest. Thanks for the opportunity provided to me.

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Peter Sidle

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