Fired from job? How do I explain

firedDuring an interview, hiring manager will ask about your last job and you will have an adequate answer. Well, its not  easy to answer  thta question. Therefore, in order to minimize the negative effects of being terminated or fires the key is

1) be honest

2) explain what happened

3) talk about what you learned

4) explain this won’t happen again.

In order to explain job loss you have to put positive spin over the negative situation. in case if you were fired because of poor performance, you will be honest with the manager and simply tel him the reason behind that you were having some problem in balancing responsibilities at home and at work and now you have resolved all the issues. Other most important thing never tell lie to the employer. because if manager check your references or call your previous boss to verify information and discover that you lied that’s sure ticket to unemployment .

Employers expect you to owe your mistakes and pointing fingers or blame others . Try to focus on your part and stick to your facts of what happened, point out where you were wrong and ensure that it will not happen again. Minimize your damage from being fired, try to explain what you have gained from the experience . If they will hire you ,you can try your best .

If you will follow the above steps , the employer will surely impressed with you.