Evaluate your SEO team

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Evaluate your SEO team

If you have a website, then it is required to have SEO for that website. Any website without proper search engine optimization and social media marketing cannot be much fruitful to your business. There is no other alternative to have a good SEO guy/team working for you to get traffic to your website. Its initial investment but it really pays.

How to find a good SEO team ?

a) Alexa rank: Look at the alexa rank of your SEO provider or company. If team cannot bring traffic to their website, how will they bring to yours? Go to www.alexa.com and type your seo team’s website url.  If Alexa traffic rank is greater than 1 million, then its time to ignore that team. Go to next provider.

b) BackLinks: Check the backlinks of your SEO team. Go to http://www.backlinkwatch.com/ for backlinks and type their url. If you get less than 500 backlinks, then its time to ignore that team. Go to next provider.

c) Social Marketing: check their twitter and facebook pages. Go to google.com and seach for “company name facebook” and “company name twitter” and check their influence.  For example : search zeustek facebook or  zeustek twitter and then go to respective fan page or twitter page.

d) References: Ask for references, repeat the same check for the reference client website also.

e) Keyword ranking: Go to www.semrush.com and put SEO team’s website url and check their ranking of keywords.

f) Affordable: Do a price comparison from your side. We can also assist you in this regard. Mail us at [email protected] to get general market  price list for SEO services.

What you need to expect from your current SEO team ?

Finally you have selected your SEO team and now its time to evaluate their work.  Few things you need to ask for in your monthly or weekly reports that your SEO team is providing you.

a) Social BookMarking: List of all social bookmarking done for your website with links to verify. Click on few links to verify also. Avoid those teams who just say that we did social bookmarking to many websites or listed websites, but their report is not having links to verify that.

b) Alexa Comparision: Its fine if your alexa traffic rank fluctuates little bit, but make sure that it is increasing overall.

c) Keyword ranking: All the keywords with their last month and current month ranking. Also ask your SEO team the reasons to select those keywords. They can rank you for keywords which no one is search for.

d) Backlinks: All the backlinks should have links to verify, otherwise ignore.

e) Social Media reports: Increased influence of social presence. You can at least look at the number of increased Fans and Followers

f) Articles: Make sure that your team is posting 2-3 articles in good article directories .  g) Onpage Optmization: Check onpage optimization of your website. See if your SEO team has properly optimized your website. You can also get a free SEO report from  us. Mail us at [email protected] and ask for Free on Page SEO report of your website.

We wish you good luck in your online marketing of your website. Feel free to email us at [email protected]  for any question.

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