Educational apps for tablets and smartphones

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Educational apps for tablets and smartphones

education-appsDo you know that your knowledge, hardwork, dedication and thinking approach can even make your smartphone or tablet a full-fledged learning tool as well? Yes, it is going to open barrage of learning ideas and platforms to help you gain extensive knowledge and information both as a student or while you want to gain worldly knowledge. Yes, considering the massive platform where you can simply “Google” any sort of education apps within few clicks, I am compiling 5 educational apps for tablets and smartphones to broaden your horizons which will create a positive difference towards enhancing your personality further:-


This is the new educational app which I came across. They are updating the site with wonderful information and I must say its reliable too. You can download this app on Google Play and start learning. Apart from this, you can also play educational games, quizzes and much more.


You would have heard many times, that learning is fun. Now, re-live this saying here with EduDroid. Yes, here you will witness tools, quizzes, games to be used in your Android device which enhances power of knowledge in such an exciting and engaging manner, that you never feel that you are actually studying. Specifically, it teaches students with respect to their writing skills, spellings, reading, maths, (to name a few) as there are wide areas for gaining your knowledge, like never before.

Amazon Kindle

Learning things isn’t age specific. Yes, that’s what the ideology, we have been brought up as well. Yes, the app specifically helps you to learn new things, thanks to wide range of books at your rescue belonging to different genre. You can equally enhance your grammatical skills, spelling with vocabulary too.


Well, amongst the apps which created a “fun” quotient is none other than Duolingo. It shows how “learning can actually be fun” as well. Thanks to whole sort of features relating with mini-games where your vocabulary becomes better. It has more than 6 languages at your rescue.


Are you planning to learn a new language with precision in a speedy manner? Well, if yes then use the app as it promises to help you learn something new easily. There are different courses with various languages to get you the option to choose likewise.


SoloLearn is designed by software professionals with the desire to help those who are motivated enough to learn various programming languages. Yes, I am talking about C++, HTML, Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and Swift etc. You will check the authencity and utility of the app yourself, to know what I am talking about.

Final thoughts

Well, let’s dive deep into the world of knowledge and information with the aforesaid mentioned apps. Yes, they are designed keeping in mind the requirements of students who will get wings to enhance their professionalism further.

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