Cover letter examples for cashier


                                                Cover letter examples for cashier


Any job requires a faithful and honest person to deal with his work .when the matter of money comes every person want a good person on which they can trust easily and the person should having the ability to be responsible about his work and manage the task properly. One must be smart one to keep track of customer and what they are purchasing. Calculating the amount properly is necessary for any company, if the cashier of company will be good, then any problem occur can be solved easily. Qualification and skills is needed for the cashier field also. Stability should be maintained while doing the cashier job. Proper entry in register, calculating the right amount, checking the level of inventory and totaling the amount of them is necessary. Cashier should have basic knowledge of computer. So the entry of purchasing and selling can be done. The typing speed is needed because only skilled one can handle the numbers of customers all together. Data entry should be right so that further processing will be right. If the calculation went wrong then it will affect the financial part of company. Cashier work is the work of responsibility. So if one is having all these required abilities, he can apply for this job.


Dear sir/madam,


I am Animesh Agarwal. I have done my graduation from Uttar Pradesh university. Currently I am learning basics of computer’s and I am doing this course from six months am applying for the job of cashier. According to this job profile I am having all abilities in myself and I will try to complete the expectations  of organization. This job profile is needed a balanced person who can manage the accounting task properly. When you will take a look of my resume you will come to know that all company’s requirements can be fulfilled by those skills.


I am giving interview for you company as I think that for my further growth it is required to be employee of this company. The environment of company is according to my requirement. Your company is famous for its quality products and of course everyone wants to be part of a good company. It will be my pleasure to join your company and support company in friendly nature makes you assure the customer service will be done properly and there will be no complaint about service. Maintenance of stock and to keep record of them will be priority of my job. As typing speed is needed for data entry and I am sure you will not have to say about the typing speed. Along with these skills I am good in mathematics and do fast calculation can manage the billing counter easily for i.e. counting the items purchased, scanning the amount of items, weighing, price tagging, checking the personal identifications of customers.


Kindly take a look of my resume and I am sure it will not disappoint you.                                     You will get all the skills according to company’s requirement.


Thank you for giving me a chance hope for the positive reply from your organization.


Yours faithfully


Animesh Agarwal