Cover letter example for housekeeper


                    Cover letter example for housekeeper


Working people needs a housekeeper who can maintain their house. If anyone lives single he/she requires a housekeeper who can take care of his/her home, wash their clothes, and cook food for them. All these things are necessary for working people. To manage office and home together becomes difficult and it can affect the work. Overloading of work can spoil the health. So to reduce the stress one always likes to divide work. Housekeeper not only helps in work but also maintain the home. For the family, if father and mother both are working, on that time they feel the need of housekeeper who can take care of their children, can give them food time to time. A lady housekeeper is better than man housekeeper as lady is having more ability to manage the work and taking care of children. But if one is not getting the lady housekeeper they can keep man housekeeper as they are also skilled in this field. Before keeping housekeeper all the background profile should be known by family. So that it should not risky to leave children or home in the hand of any stranger. It is more preferable to keep only those housekeepers; you get with your close reference.


Dear sir/madam,


I am Jennie smith. After seeing your requirement in newspaper I thought that I can manage this work. I am having 5 years experience in this field. I did work in offices, large companies and number of houses. As per this job profile I can do cooking can make different regions food can wash clothes .dusting, washing utensils will be the part of my job. In my job also vacuuming, cleaning basins and toilets included. To do cleaning of floor, windows, and doors regularly will be my work. I used to give value to things in homes it is my duty to take care of your valuable things, like I will not let the children scratch on the wall, take care of crystal and breakable things.’ .I will use the utensils with proper care so that any scratch will not occur. I will take care of your children as I am also a mother. My timing of job will depend upon your preferences. I am punctual and I give value to time as it is very precious for everyone. You can set the time according to your requirement can come in morning after 7 0’clock and before 8 P.M I will return to my home. Weekly I will take only one leave, which will be on Sundays. If there will be nay health related problems or any complex situations I will take 2 leave more leaving Sundays’ will try to give full attention to your children so there is no worry about them. If you want to know my job background then you can check my references and check them as per your satisfaction. I am sure that you will get a positive reply from those. If you are looking for a hardworking, trustworthy and honest housekeeper then you can contact me anytime.


Thank you for giving your precious time.


Truly yours


Jennie smith