Australian cover letter

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Best Australian Cover Letter That Can Impress Any Employer



A cover letter is sent with the resume of a candidate, explaining the information provided in the resume about the career details and educational qualifications mentioned there. But often the job seekers from other foreign countries find it hard to understand about the exact procedure of writing Australian cover letter that can fetch them their desired jobs successfully. Many people feel that their cover letters need to undergo some changes, to fit for the fruitful job applications in Australia.


Main steps followed for creating successful Australian cover letter


  • First of all, the candidate’s name, full postal address, contact number and email id should be written on the top left hand corner of the Australian cover letter, followed by the date of writing the letter.
  • Next, the name and the address of the company to which the cover letter is addressed to, including the name and the professional designation of the hiring manager are written on the left-hand side, giving a space just below the date.
  • After another space, the letter should be started by addressing the hiring manager, mentioning his/her last name.
  • Then the Australian cover letter should formally start with the information about the job opening that the applicant wants to be recruited in and the source from where he came to know about this vacancy.
  • The middle part of the Australian cover letter should contain the details about the educational qualifications, past job experiences and the performances of the applicant in those jobs. But care should be taken not to write all these details like a summary of the resume. Instead, it should contain only those qualifications and experiences that are relevant for the applied job opening, preferably written in bullet forms.
  • The candidate may also explain why he thinks himself eligible for this particular job profile and what values he can add to this position, if selected. These points are effective in impressing the hiring manager at the initial level.
  • Lastly, the applicant may end the letter by mentioning that he will be waiting for a call from the company for appearing in interview. Alternatively, he may also seek permission to call up at the company office and ask for an appointment with the hiring manager, to prove his competence for the job.
  • Finally, the letter should end by thanking the concerned hiring manager, followed by the signature and the typed name of the candidate. At the end, it may be mentioned that the resume of the candidate is enclosed with this cover letter.


If the cover letter does not contain the job title or the company name in the first paragraph of the letter, it may be assumed that the same cover letter is sent to many companies at a time, meaning the candidate is too desperate for any kind of job currently that will counted as a negative point for him. This cover letter must not be too lengthy and it is better to keep it within 250 words maximum, as to the point facts are more appreciated by a busy hiring manager.


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