Career fair tips

Career fair tips


Competition in the job market is high and so considering the career fair pays. Attending a job fair is best than merely sitting at home and waiting to receive a phone call offering job. Career fair is the right place to know if you can make a difference and are your results satisfactory to get a job offer. Following some of the career fair tips is certainly helpful.


  • Carry resume in many copies so that submitting to employers is possible.
  • Before the fair, find the job opportunities. Spend time to understand the background of the organizations participating in the job fair and prepare for specific questions. This helps the representatives in showing interest as you will be having relevant answers.
  • Dress appropriately. This is one of the important career fair tips. Creating impression is crucial, so dress in business casual dress.
  • Come early so that you have enough time. Fairs are highly busy during the lunch hours and the job fairs close promptly.
  • Get to know the companies coming in the job fair and prioritize the employers you may be interested. Hone your approach and practice to be confident while approaching employers. Also remember, there may be very little time and a long queue, so keep with the reality and get prepared for the interview. Ensure to have time on hand so that you do not miss the companies you wish to attend.
  • Stay flexible. The career fair offers summary in brief of the opportunities. Actually, here no employer representative is aware of all the available positions, especially this is common with large organizations. There may be some sudden openings, while some positions may not be available any more. some reps also share their experiences, but if they are not aware of the job details, you may ask for the name who can be of assistance to you.
  • Review the map for the fair. Feel comfortable and walk to the employers where you are interested.
  • Introduce yourself and go with appropriate “career pitch. Say “hello” and say your name. Keep your resume ready to hand over. Be ready to talk with respect to your career interests, academic and extracurricular experiences revealing your strengths and skills.
  • Take down notes and there may be few questions unanswered by the rep at the fair. If this job meets your interests, you may jot down their telephone numbers and names or other people to contact.
  • Ask the representative card, and send a thank-you note. This serves the purpose of having a direct contact, besides sending a thank you note refers to your professional good habit.


Most important career fair tips are to stay energized and upbeat. Make an impression revealing your enthusiasm regarding the work. You may engage the rep of the company in conversation and listen patiently to all that he has to say. You may send a follow-up letterĀ  to the hiring manager and human resources and assure them you can add value to the company.

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