Accepting job offer email

Accepting job offer email


Are you looking for a job, have you applied through resume and cover letter and have you attended a job interview. The next is to know is that you have been selected and very soon you can expect an offer letter from them. Once the company sends across an email offering the job, you have to send accepting job offer email in response as a confirmation from your end for accepting the offer.


What Next?

It is a good idea to write acceptance letter when there is a job offer or the moment a job is offered to you and you are willing to join the company for the post assigned. Here the concern is that you must write accepting job offer email with perfection.


Points to consider

  • Firstly, When you should write
  • What should the letter include
  • How should your write the letter


Accepting job offer email should be formal. You may document the important points about job title, benefits and other remuneration. You may document it yourself or get it documented from outside, friends or relatives. This is a one -time requirement to be given while joining a new company. The most important point here is to keep the letter brief and perfectly professional.


 Acceptance letter


On receiving an offer letter there are two choices, your either accept or decline. However, before going ahead with accepting job offer email or a letter, emphasis must be given on crucial points such as:


Money: Prior to signing the job offer letter, one must consider the remuneration. You must confirm if the amount mentioned is the same as discussed during interview. The options are open to you to decline the offer, in case the remuneration does not match. However talk to the employer, ensure your take in salary is enough to meet the industry standards and pay bills.


Other things to take care of include:

  • Benefits
  • Working hours
  • Incentives
  • Leave policies
  • Flexible timings
  • Quitting procedure
  • Personal emergency


Only when all these mentioned above is convincing, you may accept the offer. In case you notice difference of opinion in any point, you may negotiate or decline.




Guideline to Accept Job Offer Email


Accepting job offer email implies it should be in three parts:


  • Gratitude: The email of your job acceptance should reveal gratitude towards the company or organization. Start with thanking for the opportunity given and believing in you and that you are looking forward to be a part of the organization soon.
  • Confirmation: On confirmation, write the acceptance job offer email referring to the position, the date of joining and the discussed salary.
  • Closing: The closing of a job offer acceptance email should be good. This is because it expresses your enthusiasm to take the job. The closing paragraph may be used to add information that the company wants to know as query.


The accepting job offer email should be mailed to the hiring manager or the HR and save a draft for future references.


Accepting job offer email Sample



Subject: – Job Offer Accepted at [Company name]


Message Body:-


“Dear Mr (Name),


As per our discussion, I am pleased to accept the job offer for the position of (Name the position) with you (company name).


I thank you for this offer. I am looking forward to make a positive contribution to the company. I am excited to work.


As discussed, my salary is (amount) per annum. Other benefits included would be health insurance, travel allowances and life insurance.


I will join your company on (date and year). Before that if anything required, please let me know.


Thank you very much.