Athletes cover letter

                                                                                            Athletes cover letter

These days’ athletes are going professional in presenting themselves to the reputed sport bodies where they can find good opportunities to enhance their career. A cover letter is an official business letter that comes handy at the time of creating best impression on the employer. A well written cover letter distinguishes you from rest of the athletes. It should explain your educational qualification, soccer program, scholarship requirements and financial need.

A potential athlete’s cover letter let you:

  • To articulate your interests to the employer in detail

  • Highlighting relevant items needed

  • To explain your skills particularly to the employer

  • Helps to give the detailed picture of your resume

Athletes cover letter writing tips

  • Always write the cover letter specific to the position you are applying in the organization.

  • Limit the length of cover letter to single page

  • Target letter to the particular person in the organization

  • The cover letter should be brief with 3 to 4 paragraphs

  • 8 ½” x 11” bond paper should be used

  • Always send cover letter with resume

  • Don’t make any mistake while writing the cover letter

  • Include the address where it is necessary

  • Sign with your original signature.

Cover letter format

Athletes’ cover letter is mainly divided into three parts namely introductory paragraph, body and closing paragraph.

Introductory paragraph consists of name; address and phone number etc. All this information should be mentioned towards left side of the page. It is followed by body of the cover letter. The body starts from Dear Mr. /Ms Keyword. It is always recommended to divide body into three to four small paragraphs and give detailed description of why you are applying for this particular job. The body is followed by closing paragraph. Thank the employer for spending his precious time in closing paragraph which is followed by your signature.


Athletes cover letter example

In this example the applicant is interested in applying for fitness director position in some sports organization

Applicant Name


City, State ZIP code



Name / Address of Receiving person

Dear Person’s Name:

I am very captivated in applying for the position of ‘Fitness Director’ at Los Vegas sports organization. Strong educational backdrop and professional fitness experience I posses may uniquely identify me for this opportunity. I am currently working as a personal trainer and completed degree from New Mexico University.

My professional background and educational qualification provided me extensive managerial and organizational experience. During my curriculum I have successfully established a fitness class program in internship with CitiWorld and also involved in marketing of it.

My Exercise Science Bachelor’s Degree is a complete education of fitness settings, fitness assessment, kinesiology, athletic training and stress testing and management concepts. I have also taken elderly fitness courses.

I enjoy myself in working with the fitness industry as I am capable of building good relationship with people I am dealing. I am dependable, reliable and committed to work. Thank you for giving this opportunity. Looking forward to hear from you