7 Best Preparation Tips for Teaching Interview

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They say “Teachers are the architects of society”. As this quote goes so does the inspiration to become one of the best and influential teacher. This role is one of the most respected, but at the same time demanding with huge responsibilities. If you are the one preparing to appear for the role of a Teacher, then this article is a must read for you to get some handy tips for refining your skills and getting through the exam with flying colors.

Basically, there are two major government bodies that conduct exams for Teachers Eligibility Test (TET). CTET is the most sought after exam for those who want to make a career in Government Schools. Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) is conducted for recruiting Primary and Elementary Stage Teachers by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The other exam is DSSSB i.e. Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board to select eligible candidates for the role of Teachers, special educator, etc.

Apart from these, there are no.of schools and institutions that are well established and offer Teaching jobs. If you know what skills are being looked for by the Interviewers you could win half the battle –

Skills Interviews are looking for the Role of Teacher-

  • Exceptional communication skills, listening ability, and capacity to construct accurate answers.
  • Management skills specific to class rooms.
  • In-depth understanding of the subject and professional knowledge.
  • Self-driven and motivated individual who work for local authority and school.
  • Positive individual who motivates people,co-workers, etc.
  • Quality to reflect, self-awareness of own development and needs.

To get you through Interview or exam we have outlined few tips that you can use while preparing.

Read the below mentioned tips to boost your preparation for Teacher’s Interview/Exam –

1 ) Outline your Teaching Philosophy –

Having your own teaching philosophy around core academic topics will great to influence your Interviewer. Make a well thought outline on how to structure a student’s day? This will showcase your teacher skills in more refined manner.

2) Construct your Portfolio-

Your Portfolio defines you and represents you in your absence as well as in your presence. You can give to make your portfolio by a professional who has experience preparing portfolios for education sector. You should include your sample lesson, teaching philosophy, etc. Your employer is also looking for skills wherein they want to know whether a candidate can create syllabus, lesson plans, etc. Completing your portfolio with such details and information will add value to your profile and will surely take you across.

3) Check your body Language and presentation-

It is always helpful to check your body language as it conveys heaps about your personality. You need to work on your appearance and ditch that messy and unprepared look. Stay away from absent minded and quirky attitude of yours, as it could hamper the role you are aspiring to represent.

You need to dress appropriate and clean, this will show that you are organized. Also, try to be relaxed and friendly while maintaining a professional attitude.

4) While going through the Interview-

During the Interview process, the most inevitable and important question is “Tell about yourself”. While giving answer to this question, you can frame your answer quite smartly. You should include your desire to teach and the way it reflects in your personal life. Be honest while framing your answer and put relevant parts that you can justify or explain if necessary. You must also include such points that portray the kind of teacher they want to hire.

5) Be ready for Tough Question-

Your Interviewer could ask questions like – “How will you manage out of control behavior of a student”, In what manner you will prevent out of control behavior?”, “Conflict Management in classroom” You should prepare for such questions well in advance and deliver your answer with confidence.

Your answer pertaining to such questions will show your ability of class room handling and managing students.

6) Demo Lesson-

Your Interviewer could ask you to teach or take a lesson in a class. Therefore, be prepared in advance and also check the availability of the things while planning to take a lesson. You will be asked questions related to lesson planning, and learning, lesson outcomes, evaluation of the lesson taken and assessment.

7) Why you fit the most for this Position/Role-

Last but not least, show your Employer why you are the best fit for the position.As, every school or institution has its own legacy and reputation. Therefore,framing your answer based on this knowledge will surely fetch you brownie points. Frame your answer keeping in mind the qualities that appeal to you about the institution you are looking forward to work with.

These are few tips that could help you prepare well in advance for Interview as a Teacher. However, if you are running out of time, then you can also take online courses that are available for Teachers. These online courses will boost your last minute preparation and assist you get the result you want.

In the end, prepare the above mentioned points in advance and present yourself with confidence on the day of Interview. It’s your attitude that will carry you forward and fetch you the job you have dreamt of. All the Best!

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