What You Should Never Put on Your Resume

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What You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Job applicants usually perform tiny mistakes that haunt them to an extent that they have never secured a job in any organization. Simple mistakes can cost your career life in the company of your dream which can discourage you from applying for any other job.

Some of the reasons why you have not yet got a job despite sending many resumes in every job opening:

  • Writing a very long resume
  • Being irrelevant in your resume
  • Your resume not matching the job posting
  • Grammatical errors
  • Not following the right format and procedure.

By having an understanding of what should not be in your resume, you will be in a better position to write a more relevant resume next time that will perhaps land you in the right job. So what should you never include in your resume unless stated by the organization?

Unless Required Don’t Include the Following in Your Resume

  1. Your Private information

Most of the organizations across the globe are not interested in knowing your personal information and in case they need they will let you know. This could be one of the reasons you have been missing your job opportunities. Most HR managers usually have a precise procedure in making your application successful or not.

When they see your personal information which they never requested from you, they dismiss your resume. By visiting genuine HR websites, you will see resume examples that will guide you properly. Some of the irrelevant personal information includes your birth date, address, gender, disabilities, and even health status.

  1. Typo errors

This is where you are telling the organization how smart you are and your image will be seen in your resume. Having some grammatical and spelling mistakes will cost you a job opportunity. This could be your reason why you have never been called for an interview. Ensure you go through your resume and if possible pass it to another person to go through it and correct the grammatical errors.

  1. Images

Ouch! This will not just deny you an interview, but may also cause problems with the software of your prospective employer. From the many resume examples over the internet, you will never see any graphics and images on the resume. This is one of the most disliked things by many HR professionals; so just avoid.

  1. Fancy formatting

It is not the time to show that you are the best in formatting and MS Word. Don’t use, stylish fonts that will give the recruiting panel a hard time going through your resume. Stick to those fonts that are easy to read through like Calibri, Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, and Century Gothic among others. 10-11 font size is ok for you.

  1. PDFs

Never present your resume in the form of PDFs unless stated by the employer. This is because of the employer’s software don’t open files in PDF format. This means your application will not be read if in PDF format.

  1. Headers and Footers

Don’t put important information on your header and footer because some software of your prospective employer, don’t read such info.


You never know; maybe your employer is waiting to see a more presentable resume from you to give you your dream job. Consider revising your resume accordingly before submitting. Good luck!

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