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What Should A Cover Letter Include

What Should A Cover Letter Include

include in coverLetter

A cover letter is more of an official letter. This means that it should be well set in a professional format to conform to the requirements of employers. Lengthwise the cover letter should not exceed a page. Fonts 10 or 12 are the most commonly used fonts, whereas New Times Roman or Ariel is the most common font types. What should a cover letter include? Below are the key things that should be included in a cover letter.


The heading

Your names and contact details needs to be at the left top part of the letter. Below your contact details put the details of the intended recipient of the letter, such will include, their name, position, the company name and the address. Rather that addressing the person as Sir or madam, it is wise to find out the name of the person you are writing to. This only proves that you have done some research about the company. It proves to the employer of your interest to work for the company. Do not forget the date and the reference just before you begin writing your letter.


The opening

This is the section where you address the recipient of the letter. In brief mention the position you are applying for and how you came to know about it.


The main part

This is the part that you get to sell yourself. You get to talk about your experience, qualities and skills in this part of course in relation to what the employer wants. Space the paragraphs in this section so as not to look congested.


The closing

This is the part where you show some enthusiasm that you are will to set up a meeting for the interview. You should always end the letter in a proactive note. Take the necessary step to follow up on your application.


Proofread your application before your send it, this helps in correcting typos that might have not been noticed before.