Visual Web Developer

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Visual Web Developer’s importance


There are various different types of web development tools that have been widely used by web developers during the past several years, but Visual Web Developer Express is the freeware that has attracted many web developers and is widely in use. This tool provides developers with the ability to evaluate web development and editing capabilities of the previous versions of Visual Studio 2008 without any extra costs. The main and most important function of the tools is creation of ASP.NET websites. The WYSIWYG interface is not the only interesting feature in it, drag and drop, advanced HTML code editing, database explorers, and support for web tech as well as design-time validation for the standards that include XHTML are other great features.


In the older versions like Visual Studio 2005, there were certain things unavailable, like the Accessibility Checker, creation of Class Library Projects which may be done with the aid of other language-specific Express Editions, support that is required in order to load 3rd party add-ins as well as some other features were missing, but Visual Web Developer Express has got them all under one roof. The web development tool is being extensively used by web developers from different parts of the globe.


A great thing about the 2008 version of the Visual Web Developer Express service pack 1 is that it has the ability to provide support to class library and Web Application projects, which did not have compatibility with the 2005 version of the tool. The thing that pushes this version backwards is that the ability to create self-developed sites is not included in this edition of the software. Anyhow, an overall view of the Visual Web Developer Express shows that it has been widely in use by web developers and if this product would not have been made, then the face of the web would have been different.


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