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Visual Studio Express Versions


One of the best products in the visual studio web developer product line is the Microsoft Visual Studio Express, though this is a lighter version in the product line, but it is being extensively used by web developers. Microsoft has been the leader in providing the best tools for web development and the Express editions of the software were brought into the market in the year 2005 with Visual Studio 2005 and these editions had been brought in order to provide streamlined, very easy in use and easily learnable IDE for the people that do not have enough knowledge of software creation, thus students and hobbyists were primarily targeted users.


The very first express version of visual studio web developer software was released in the year 2005 and the SP1 version was also released in the same year, but at the end of the year. The initial editions could be run on Windows 2000 service pack 4 and above NT-based platforms of Windows. Due to the excessive demand of the software since the release in 2005, its makers decided that these editions shall be available totally free of cost. The Express editions of the 2008 version were released in Nov 2007 and the service pack 1 was released on in August 2008.


The 2008 and 2010 Express Editions had the requirement of Windows XP service pack 3 or latest versions, and the Windows 2000 is not supported anymore for development purpose, but it may still work as a target platform if the 2008 Express version is in use. The 2005 version of the visual studio web developer software is present on Microsoft’s website and can be downloaded free of cost, but there are certain chances that the makers shall make the older versions unavailable and anyone who wants to have a copy should download now.


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