Visual Studio .NET Developer

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Visual Studio .NET-a Great product of Microsoft


Microsoft is the leading name in the world of computer software; the company has been able to achieve unbelievable success during the past couple of decades and there are several companies that came into existence after being impressed from Microsoft. Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Developer was released in the year 2002, while a beta version had been released a few months prior to that. The most visible change was that a managed code had been introduced with the aid of the .NET Framework. This version was the very first one that required a NT-based Windows operating system, and the installer is the one that makes gives the requirement.


Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Developer was shipped in 4 different editions and each was aimed at a different audience. Academic, Enterprise Architect, Pro and Enterprise Developer were the different editions; introduction of C sharp which aims at .NET was a great milestone. It had also introduced the successor to Visual J++ which is often called as J# and the visual programs use the Java language syntax. The difference is that unlike J++ programs, visual J# programs may only aim at the .NET Framework, which is quite dissimilar to what the other Java tools target.


Visual Basic had been changed to a great level to come in compliance with the new framework; the latest version was called as Visual Basic.NET. At the same time Microsoft also took another step for the addition of extensions to the C++ language, this helped the programmers in creation of .NET programs. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Developer has the ability to produce applications that had targeted Windows, the web and if an add-in was used, it also gained the capability to become compatible with portable devices. Portable devices have gained a lot of importance with the change in the life style of people and compatibility with such devices was a must.



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