Why use online job search?

Why use online job search?

Before the rise of the internet where we were looking for job is in newspaper advertisements. But today you can search all kind of jobs posted by employer on internet with a simple search. Yes Internet searching is not somewhat like traditional searching competition is stiff there. But with a basic searching knowledge u can apply effectively and can leap ahead of competition.

Tips and Tools for searching:

  1. Build your Network: Connect with people of your field and organization.

Utilize that network to build your career. Remember that it works in both ways. Rather than asking for assistance only aid them also when they ask.

  1. Job Search Engine: Use keyword search and add more items like country, zip code and place to minimize searching.
  2. Do your research: Check out the company’s website before applying for job. Know their market, product and goals. If you have any of your friend working there get their feedback also.

Figure out its challenge and how you can add value with your skills and qualification.

  1. Set up Email job alerts: This will help you to apply for jobs as soon as they’re posted. This will save your time as you don’t have to go through website frequently. You can also set up alert via messages they will notify you.