Use Instagram For Your Career

How To Use Instagram For Your Career


Instagram can be used to plan your career and become an authority in your field of work. Follow these four tips to start using Instagram in a more professional manner.


  1. Do Some Research


You can learn more about the different companies you are interested in via their website and social media accounts. You will find out more about the people who work there and what the values of the company are. You should follow the companies you are interested in as well as the key figures if they have an Instagram account. Look for information that can be used to connect with these people and with the company. You might for instance see a post about an upcoming event or about a new store opening. Be patient and wait until you have information you can use.


The people you follow on Instagram will probably take a look at your profile. Create a profile that makes the right impression. Be careful with what you share and do your best to portray yourself in a way that matches the values of the companies you are interested in.


  1. Interact


Social media makes it every easy to interact with people and with brands. You can start conversations by mentioning a person or a brand in a question. Try to connect with someone on LinkedIn once you have had a conversation on Instagram. Starting a conversation should be easy if the company you are interested in is active on social media.


You can also get noticed by interacting with the other followers of a brand. Posting comments on social media is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about leadership skills, but this can actually be a great way to show that you are knowledgeable and can conduct a discussion. If you are lucky, someone from the company you are interested in will notice the conversation.


  1. Use Hastags


You should pay attention to the hashtags used by the companies you are interested in when they post on Instagram. Start using these same hashtags to get noticed by the right people. Do not overuse hashtags and only add them to the posts that are relevant to what the meaning the brand gave to these hashtags. Using unrelated hashtags can be annoying and will not get you noticed in a positive manner. Try to limit yourself to three hashtags for each post and make sure your content is relevant for the hashtags you want to use.


Brands check the hashtags they use to see conversations around these topics and to see what people think about their brand and product. Take the time to find out more about the company’s values and to look at a few job posting to see what they look for before you start using hashtags in your posts.


  1. Impress


Present yourself in a positive and professional manner to create the right impression. Instagram is the perfect platform to find a job in the fashion, communication and media industries – utilising tools like this can help you look more popular.  Think of Instagram as a visual network where you can showcase your talents, your activities and who you are as a person. Use your posts to tell a story and to show some of your accomplishments. Share the kind of content that would impress a potential recruiter and make them want to get in touch with you.