UK Coffee Shop Culture

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UK Coffee Shop Culture

Have you noticed the explosion of coffee shops on our high streets lately? It seems whenever a shop goes out of business or some premises in a central location become available, a coffee shop isn’t far from opening.

Of course it isn’t just coffee they serve, as you’ll be able to find a range of speciality teas and sweet treats too. How has this culture come about and where is it going?

It’s all been in the last 10 years

This coffee craze is relatively new, and it’s only been around for the last 10 years or so. Before this coffee was extremely unfashionable and rarely drunk by a younger crowd. This all changed as the coffee market changed and innovated with a number of new and exciting products based around coffee. Before this we had bars and pubs but it is hard thinking back to a time before technology and coffee shops!

A well-deserved break

One of the main benefits to visiting a coffee shop is that you get to relax and take some time out of your busy schedule. City centres are becoming increasingly populated and sometimes you just need to take a break and gather back your energy. This is where coffee shops have gained momentum and if they were to go away there would be nowhere for us to sit! This would be a fateful day but luckily the popularity of these stores has anything but declined.


It was these new-fangled drink creations that really saved the day and brought the coffee shop back. It isn’t just a black or white coffee now, as there are literally thousands of combinations to make your perfect drink. Firstly the sizes range from large to extra extra large and you can specify a number of small combinations regarding your tastes:

  • Ask for dry if you want extra foam, wet if you want it without;
  • Ask for double shot if you want extra espresso to make it stronger;
  • Ask for it skinny if you want low fat milk;
  • Ask for an extra syrup to add flavour and sweetness;
  • Ask for soya if you want a dairy-free option;
  • Ask for decaff if you wish to have a caffeine free drink.

Laptops and wifi

The coffee shop revolution has created a whole new market of tech savvy web users who clutch their trendy laptops in public view. It seems that surfing the web and catching up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter has become synonymous with drinking a cup of java.

Sitting on your laptop is just another way to pass the time and make the most of your cup of coffee, after all you’re paying to sit in there and have a premium drink, so make the experience last!

Steve loves coffee and can’t live without laptops for the ultimate coffee shop and web surfing experience.

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