Two weeks notice sample

Two weeks notice sample


Have you taken a final decision to resign from the present job; you must be aware of the usual two weeks’ notice period you must provide your employer. Regardless of the reasons you are planning to leaving the job, giving your employer a period of two weeks is natural and enough time to come with plans to fill your position covering your absence or at least they will manage temporarily by reassigning the tasks to other candidates until they find a suitable replacement. If you have to give this time to your employer, browse to find a suitable two weeks notice sample letter and follow it accordingly.


Why two weeks notice

Company policies vary and some employers may permit leaving immediately on receiving the resignation. Nevertheless, most will appreciate you giving them time to help with this transition. This is beneficial to you equally as you happen to leave the position leaving a good impression and reveal your professionalism ethics.


In two weeks’ notice letter you need not include unwanted information, but for the fact that you are resigning and you will be working up to a date (Mention it).  You may add a thank you for the experience gained and opportunity provided by the company. It is best not to mention anything negative to the co-workers or the employer. Maintain professionalism as always, with everyone as the paths may cross anytime in the future that is always unknown. Go through some two weeks’ notice sample letters, it may help you in writing clearly.


Sample of handwritten or typed two weeks’ notice

Your Name


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Phone Number

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Their Last Name:


I am writing this letter to announce my resignation and this will be effective in two weeks from this date, today.


This was not a simple decision to make. In the past ten years, I have enjoyed working with a dedicated team and it has been very rewarding, thus offering quality delivery of products on time, again and again.


Thank you for the growth you provided me.


I wish everyone all the best and if I can be of any assistance during this transition period, please do not hesitate, I will readily complete the required.




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Email Sample of Two Weeks Notice Resignation


This is a two weeks notice sample of email resignation to be sent to the company


Subject: Resignation – Your full name (Firstname Lastname)


Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname,


Please accept my formal notice of resignation from (name of the Company). My last day will be two weeks from today (mention the date).


I am grateful for your support here during my tenure and these valuable experiences that I have gained in the past years will always be treasured. It has been a pleasure working with the entire team.


Please inform me how I can be of any help in this transition. I wish each and everyone all the best and the company to grow.


Best regards,


Your full name (Firstname Lastname)

Phone number