tough interview questions

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How to answer tough interview questions


Apart from the conventional job interview questions and the already known answers that are almost approved by all. There are some very tough interview questions that are particular to both the interviewers and the interviewed. In answering these types of questions, you have to be very careful because they can be very sensitive at times. Before you get to a job interview, you have to thoroughly review these questions and map out the answers to give.


However, tough interview questions might not come straight sometimes, so you should be careful not to give a contradictory answer. They might be based on the background skills you possess, and in most cases do not have yes or no direct answers. In responding to them, you have to make special research about the job you are applying for, the company you are applying with then your skills and strengths.


Tough interview questions in most cases will also include things that happened in your previous workplaces as it involves individuals and events.  In talking about individuals, there should be a lot of courtesy and diplomacy to avoid exposing some of your faults and giving a bad impression. They might come in form of how you did not work well with a supervisor in the past, what happened and how would you avoid that in the future. How did you treat a co worker who was not doing his task well in your team?  What actions did you take about some events?


Tough interview question might come in form of, I want to know about a time you have completely failed in a duty you were assigned. It can also be what do you love? Or how do you balance love and work? These questions should not be given boisterous answers. Rather you should find ways of telling them your weaknesses, the things you have done to improve on them since then, and how they are now your strengths.


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