Top 8 Useful iphone tips and tricks

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8 Useful iphone tips and tricks

The iphones are really simple and easy to use. It has a number of useful features and most of the people are unaware of its usage. Like other phones, the iphone also has the power to keypresses and some combinations that perform cool and specific functions like screenshots and moreover it automatically launches the camera all the way from  home screens.

Listed down some of the useful iphone tips and tricks.

  1. Screenshots– If you want to take the screenshot of your screen then press the Home and Sleep button simultaneously. You will hear a camera shutter sound and then a screenshot will appear in the Saved Photos library of the Photos application.
  2. Create silent ringtones– You can also create a silent ringtone in your iphone if you are a type of person that don’t like to announce that are getting a call. This could be possible with the help of AAC file that has been converted into iphone ringtone.
  3. Home Button Options– This is one of the most convenient feature of the iphone. By double clicking on the iphone, it brings you to the home screen. You will find more handy options if you go the setting applications and then navigate to general and then to home button.
  4. Send Full Resolution Photos Through Email- If you want to send the send full resolution photos via email, open the photo in your iPhone’s camera roll, tap on it and hold until the “Copy” button appears. Copy the photo and then compose a new email. Press and hold somewhere within the content section, let go and the contextual menu will appear. Press Paste to insert your full resolution photo. Sending multiple full resolution photos can also be possible with the iphones, get to the camera roll on your iPhone and hit the “Share” button on the lower left corner.You’ll then be able to select multiple photos. When you’re done, hit “Copy”. Compose a new email and paste in your photos.
  5. 5. Register with your Wi-Fi- Skyhook WPS is the service that can be used via Wi-Fi, whichenables your iPhone and iPod touch to locate where you are if GPS isn’t available.
  6. Scroll to top– This is the most convenient yet hidden feature on the iphone. By tapping the status bar,it will take all the content scroll to the top. It comes in handy in situations like when you’ve scrolled down a long web page or mail message and you quickly need to get back to the top.
  7. Open and Save PDFs in iBooks- The iphone provides you the facility to store your PDF books in your ibooks. It provides an option known as “Quick look” for viewing the pdfs. You can also save these pdf books in ibooks and can easily access and view them
  8. Add Folders to the Dock– It is a very popular feature especially in organizing and accessing the various applications. In using folders, there’s a neat trick that will let you have all your most-used apps on your phone’s home screen.

These above iphone tips and tricks make the iphone more functional than it is documented to be. Let’s hope that there is something new and interesting you can learn from it.

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