Tips for how to Dress for an Interview

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dress during an interviewFor all of us job interview can be frightening moment. During an interview you have to meet with new people, answer their questions, but the first judgement on interviews makes is going to be based on your looks and what you are wearing. Based on your dressing the manager might drawing conclusions to your education, intelligence etc. As we know first impression are the last ones and it is extremely important when it comes to find a good job.

Here are some of the important tips for how to dress for an interview.These are as follows

1) Properly fit—

Always make sure that the clothes you are wearing in an interview properly fits you. During an interview you looks traditional and conservative.

2) Prefer long sleeves—

Lack of sleeves on a dress proves that you are not serious business person and you are best suited as back up choice.

3) Shoes—

Most of the people while going for an interview completely ignore what they are wearing on their feet. Shoes are one of the best indicator. Your shoes should be properly polished and laced-up

4) Accessories—

Women tend to wear more accessories than men but it doesn’t mean that men can ignore this. Men prefer simple and plain watch. Carry a briefcase that hold copies of your resume and note taking.In case of women long earrings or dangles are out. Avoid  jewelry , wedding band etc. Little perfume is acceptable. Never overpower anyone with aroma. If you have any tattoos or body piercings it should be taken out or covered with clothing.



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