Tips for effective competency based interview

Competency based interviews are also known as structured or behavioral interviews. This type of interviews mainly focused on the individuals abilities to relate learning experiences or in other words these interviews are used to evaluate the candidates competence. Here  interviewers will  give  a situation  and ask questions  that require candidates to demonstrate  how they will handle the situation . During an interview you have to describe your behavioral and actions in a specific circumstances.  Competency based interviews are the best  and quick way to find the attitude and mind set of the candidates who applied for the job.

Here are some of the important points you have  to remember while  preparing for the competency interview.

1) Shake your hand with confidence and introduce yourself with smile.

2) Be polite. your answers should be concise and to the point.

3) Never confuse while answering to the questions. because  if you are not sure, it will imply that


you are not interested.

4) Try to speak fluently and having  good communication skills.

5) Don’t try to put blame on others or complain about anything.

6)  Do not become aggressive  and behave like a professional.

7) If you have any  past experience  inform the manager about the steps you took as an individual and as a team to  solve the problem and tell about the success you experienced .