Thinking of Moving On Up

Thinking of Moving On Up – Personal Assistants Have Plenty Of Options!

Personal assistants (commonly referred to as PA’s) are an essential part of many businesses no matter the industry it’s highly likely you’ll find positions for PA’s. PA’s are indeed usually given a wide variety of different tasks during their day to day work and as such they will learn a variety of different skills.

This means that PA’s will have a lot of different advancement opportunities open to them if they want to move up the career ladder. Let’s take a look at some of the many advancement options a PA will have available to them. There are many forms of PA Training that are available to develop options.

Executive Assistant

Considered by many to be the natural evolution of the PA an executive assistant (commonly referred to as an EA) involves business-related and personal responsibilities. The role like that of a PA involves business related matters like organising meetings, appointments and much more. But with the added responsibility of also being responsible for organising an executive or manager’s personal life and commitments as well.

Office Manager

Office managers come in many forms you could be managing an office with just a small team of people or literally 100’s of people. For larger offices you might only be responsible for maintaining a certain area of it like HR or payrolls for example. Office managers require strong leadership capabilities as you can no doubt guess and a sophisticated understanding of how an office works. Because a PA works such a varied role and office manager position is usually well suited to PA’s.

Projects Leader

A project leader is pretty much all there in the name! As a project leader you’ll be in charge of leading various projects for the business, you will be working with a team of assistants and need strong leadership abilities and an ability to adapt to situations quickly. You’ll also be liaising with clients and need to be an effective communicator.

Event’s Organizer/ Manager

Events management is a great fit for PA’s as it naturally fits any PA’s skillset! An events manager or organizer will be responsible for organizing a wide variety of events these could include: weddings, parties, corporate events and much more. You could become a specialist events manager focusing on only one area or go for a more varied approach.

Human Resources (HR)

Working in human resources (HR) is a varied job that is essential to the running of any business! And as such PA’s will naturally have the skills to become a valued member of the human resources team. HR managers will be responsible for ensuring the human resources team is doing its job to the best of its ability and the human resource department deals with a lot of matters.

This includes: recruiting, screening, training, interviewing, payroll matters and much more. PA’s will naturally have a lot of experience with many of these areas so moving into a career in human resources is naturally a good fit.



Working within the finance industry is a natural fit for many PA’s especially if they have a love of numbers. Many if not all businesses will have a finance department that involves planning, organizing, auditing and accounting. PA’s will already in the majority of cases be involved with a number of these areas so they will usually make a great addition to a business’s finance department.

Virtual Assistant (Freelance)

A virtual assistant is a relatively new term that is at its most basic a variant of freelance work. Many businesses in the digital age won’t have set offices and as such will employ virtual assistants to help with a variety of projects and the day to day running of their business. PA’s with their varied skillsets will often be able to make careers from themselves working in a freelance capacity as a virtual assistance.

Getting The Skills You Need!

PA’s naturally have a wide variety of skills but even so if you want to make the move to another area or climb the career ladder then you could also opt for some extra training. Depending on where you want to move to you’ll have a variety of options open to you, for example if you wanted to move into finance then a bookkeeping course would certainly give you a big advance. Similarly events management and many other areas all have various training courses available that can give you the boost you need.