The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Job Boards

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The internet has revolutionized the Job-searching process over the last decade, instead of wandering the streets with a stack of CV’s and spending days waiting for the reply, many of us can now apply from the comfort of home sitting on the couch using job boards. The job market has been transformed too, with most companies and recruiters searching online for employees ,many jobs are advertised exclusively online – easy enough to find for the computer literate.

From a candidate’s perspective, a job board is a place to look for a job.  From an employer’s perspective, it’s an advertising and publicity medium.Job boards are user friendly,one can snuggle up in bed with laptop at hand and browse through an ocean of jobs consisting of wide variety of fields of market.Job boards allow users to post their job requirements and based on their requirements available jobs will be shown to them.

Job boards can be excellent resources for finding out which companies are hiring, what kind of jobs are out there, and what industries have a growing amount of job opportunities.You can then gather all this information to strategize your hunt for job, i.e. trying to build up a network in the industry, using social media, continuing research, looking for internships or other ways to get into these companies without going through the job board.Some job boards require you to submit a CV, others might also require you to write a cover letter. To be perfectly honest, not all recruiters will read your covering letter, so you need to make sure you’ve really primed your CV. For starters, although you might not usually do this, you might want to include your career objectives or interests in a small personal statement at the top of your CV. It only needs be a couple of lines, but it should clearly state the areas of work and types of jobs you’re interested in.

Job boardsYou should also optimize your CV for keyword searches, Why ? Well, because recruiters using job boards will use certain terms and keywords in their search to dredge up a list of CV’s from the database. You want to make sure, especially for the industries and job roles you’re interested in, that your CV pops up in their search.

Another trick is to regularly update your CV on job boards. Most recruiters searching job boards for candidates will restrict their search to the latest CV’s that were uploaded on the site, so make sure your CV is amongst them.Of course, it’s not just about someone finding your CV, but seeking out the job opportunities that appeal to you. Admittedly, you probably aren’t going to find your perfect job the first time you visit a job board. However, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can narrow down the deluge of jobs and find ones that really interest you.

First of all, choose a range of job boards to search through. By all means, sign up to the job boards.To find niche job boards in your area of interest, it’s best to look at institutions, societies, associations and industry publications. Most will have a job board of sorts. Compile a spreadsheet of links to online job sources and blitz through them on a regular basis.Big job boards can seem like vast, unfathomable places. And it seems equally hard to pick out the jobs you’re actually interested in from all of the strange specimens you find on there. So how can you find jobs that interest you? First of all, restrict your search geographically; there’s no point looking at job opportunities in other places if you’re pretty sure you want to stay in your residing place.

Secondly, don’t just type in job titles, try skills or keywords too. That way you’ll find a broader range of opportunities, or you might even find a role that you haven’t thought of before, which suits your skills.

Finally, read beyond the job title, look at the company and find out what the job actually involves before you dismiss it. Yes, the job title might sound dull, but reading beyond the title might unearth a potentially interesting job. All in all, you have to be a bit flexible when using job boards.

As soon as you find a list of jobs you want to apply ,don’t fall in the trap of applying for a number of job entries as most of the Companies and Recruiters are looking for people who are passionate about their job and who really want to get the particular job.So avoid applying for many job entries just because you have a lot of options to apply.Filter through the list of jobs and find one suitable job which interests you and apply for it. So,This is how you can make use of job boards to find the right job which suits you. All the Best on your job hunt,Cheers.       contract to hire jobs 

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