Thank you for your hard work

Thank you for your hard work


The United States or for that matter anywhere, the workforce appreciate working for companies valuing their employees and also are ready to reward for a well done job. A single person’s behavior or action in appreciation helps in lowering the turnover rates and thereby increases the employee’s retention rates. This translates into an increase in the profitability, may be even for a small percent between 2 and 4%. The simplest is the thank you for your hard work given to an employee by the employer or anyone representing the company as a senior ranking officer.


There is no doubt that the messages of thank you encourage the workforce and keep them motivated towards the company. Here is a list of thank you for your hard work messages to help employers to thank their employees for their dedication and hard work. Here are few effective thank you messages from employers to the employees recognizing their hard work.


  • All bosses can be calm and cool, if they are lucky like me to have efficient employees as you, Thank you.
  • Employees as you represent the essence of professionalism. You people or team has put your best every single day in work, thank you.
  • You are the employees who have become friends, mentors and leaders today, thus offering warm kinship to the company in all forms, Thanks.
  • I am honored to have you as my employee. The projects you handled were a success and it deserves a true appreciation to the entire team. Thank you.
  • Send a thank you note in appreciation if you are out of station and express happiness for the excellent services offered.
  • I am happy and very fortunate to avail services from this team and I heartily thank you all for carrying out and executing this difficult task.
  • But for you, my employees, this task would never have been completed to perfection. I thank you all to make it a big success that I express through this note today and will respect your services timely.


There is a need for the appreciation messages for good work done by the employee. From time to time, small appreciations must be given. These are verbal gestures that motivate and promote the employees morale to a very great extent.


An employer must show appreciation to his employees by sending a thank you message. There are many ways of saying thank you for your hard work. This is not only for the employers to say it to their employees, but also for the team leader or the project manager to say his sub-staff or team. This will keep a motivated spirit alive.


  • I see the hard work put in this recent task and I appreciate everything that you put in this company. In fact, you or the entire team can take a weekend off.
  • Good work on the project completed. Inform the company is happy as the client was very pleased. Thank your employees for the hard work.