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Social marketing Concept

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Social marketing is an important part of SEO

The social marketing concept basically makes use of various commercial sector marketing concepts and technologies to solve social problems and achieve behavior change. Commercial marketing is the combination of 4 P’s i.e. product, price, promotion and place and is often used by most of the social marketers to achieve social marketing goals.

It is believed that anyone can become social marketer, who knows how to create landing pages in social networking sites, article writing, growing a number of friends, followers.

Social marketing concept is an old and proven marketing concept. The various factors that are required for anyone to become a social marketer is have a certain level of influence to motivate the people, to persuade them to ideas and products they intend to market.

SEO is actually a marketing concept which is derived from the social marketing. Search Engine should also know how to value trust and confidence as important elements in page ranking. When Google announces that it will integrate Facebook page updates in its search results, social networking has become more influential part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this means that once a social media marketer gets successful in those social media sites then he/she could get into SERPs easily. SEO writers actually create the web content based on mixing and matching keywords. An SEO keyword tool named as Google Adwords make use of real time search results.

Social marketing is an important part of SEO as social marketing is moving behind the popularity of social networking which in turn is the part of SEO. Google Caffeine is in reality an assertion of the influence of social media marketing in SEO. In order to compete with the face book, Google has to make certain improvements in its search advertising model. Google actually needs the growth of quality web content. Moreover, Google will be provided more incentives if it make certain changes in its algorithm.

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