Skype interview tips

Skype interview tips

Are you refreshing the Skype inbox for several times? Finally, has it come and you are selected for the Skype interview. Hold on, Skype interview is preferred to a phone now as it shows more about you and if you will fit their team. This means, prepare for the interview, make sure to get it with these Skype interview tips.


No excuses

If it is Skype interview, do not cut excuses to come over phone by saying your internet connection is crappy, or you do not have a Skype account, etc.  If you want, make things work and download Skype and email to your interviewer with your username. If you deny, it is a No to the very first question, so avoid saying no and reply with a yes.


Maintain a professional username

Keep your username professional to avoid making any bad first impression. Keep it simple to read and type.  Do not give an impression of being boring in using your name.


Dress perfectly

Skype interview tips highlight the dressing sense. Just because it is a Skype interview, you cannot sit in your college hoodie; instead wear as you attend an in-person interview.  This gives you also a feel of attending an interview and with the right dress code; the interviewer also has a positive approach towards you.


Consider the location

Everything behind you matters. Ensure to have a neutral, clean background and proper lighting. Do not consider a coffee shop as your internet is strong here or also avoid sitting near a window or in the basements. Also check the location behind you, it should not appear shabby. It is alright if the wall appears plain or has a simple wall piece behind.


Proper headset

Having a proper headset is essential for a Skype interview. If your headset has a talk piece, make use of it.  Your computer easily picks up background noise in a public space. Thus, using a headset helps in hearing clearly with less distraction of the background noises.


Maintain Eye contact

Look at your webcam. It will make you appear present and personable. Ensure to keep your eyes open to the video that is in the bottom corner. Pro-tip: Position your laptop on books stack to set the camera at proper eye-level. It is a flattering angle to maintain proper eye contact.


Handle glitches with charm

You may practice a lot to perfection, yet things go wrong at the right hour. Your interviewer also is aware of such glitches. Thus, if something happens, stay calm and friendly as you troubleshoot. If you wish to hang up the call, do not hesitate to ask and try again. This demonstrates your handling tact during a stressful situation. Do not start crying, begging or cursing the situation. In fact, your well earned situation may turn wrong.

Make a test call before your interview to your friend and ensure your audio and camera are properly working. Ask them about the sound quality and if they are able to see you clearly and about the lighting.


The bottom line is to follow the Skype interview tips and treat it as in-person interview. Give cues of being amiable and that you are a good listener. Also send a thank you note once the interview is complete.