Security Guard resume example

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Security Guard resume example


Security guard is a job which requires people to perform individual work. They could work for different organizations, including the private corporation or the public services. Therefore, security guard actually has a wide scope of work location.
However, the job duty of security guard would be similar in nature. They would need to show that they can have good skills to deal with emergencies and they may sometimes need to work in different shifts. They would need to rotate to other working time slots and other work locations so you would need to prepare for that. Moreover, the security guards would need to work with some basic weapons in order to protect themselves. Therefore, the skills that security guards have related to the use of weapons would also count when they want to get the job.


There are a lot of things that you would need to pay attention to if you are interested in working as the security guard. When you prepare the resume for security guard interview, you need to prepare well and list the relevant skills which can help you get the job and do the job well. No doubt, you are advised to show your criminal record if you have any. This would help your employer think thoroughly whether he or she would employ you. If you deceive them by not listing those records in the resume, you would be regarded as cheating and you would still lose your job in the future. Therefore, you should not risk for that type of employment.


Security Guard resume example


Sam Morgan

2293 SDD Drive


Phone: 223-312-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



Dedicated to work as the security guard with the experience in protecting security for equipment and real estate



–          Good at maintaining the security of building

–          Familiar with the procedures necessary for keeping security of a building

–          Have in-depth knowledge about federal traffic rules and local regulations about the operation of vehicles

–          Excellent ability to analyze problems and find the right way to deal with them

–          Good ability to resolve complaints from others

–          Able to work under stress and is able to maintain the safety procedures despite stress conditions

–          Good ability to collect data and prepare reports

–          Good communication skills to communicate with clients and also colleagues


Work Experience


Security Guard, SDCM Store

2007- Present


–          Prepared reports for management review purpose and routine for security guards to patrol

–          Kept reporting and suspicious behavior from the customers

–          Informed the violators with the rules, like anti-smoking rules

–          Provided services for answering questions from customers

–          Handled customer complaints

–          Provided escort services for customers and other visitors

–          Checked the gates and windows every day before leaving the job

–          Checked the emergency call boxes to make sure that it works



Diploma of Management,SDSNCCollege




Available upon request


Expected Salary



Language Ability

English (Fluent), Spanish (Basic), German (Intermediate)

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