Security Guard interview questions

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Security Guard interview questions


If you want to work as the security guard, you may need to attend an interview. The Security Guard interview questions preparation can help you get the job easier.


Question 1: Why do you want to work for us?

You need to mention and explain your motivation to work in the company as well as your understanding about the company.


Question 2: What are your strengths?

You need to think carefully about the requirement for a security guard. For example, he or she should be physically strong. These strengths should be mentioned when you answer this question.


Question 3: How long had you worked in the previous job?

You cannot tell lie because your resume should have stated the work period in the past. Therefore, you can shift the focus of the answer to the explanation part. If you worked for a short period of time, you need to explain why you left your previous work so shortly.


Question 4: Do you have any criminal records?

There are some standard requirements for security guards and the absence of criminal record would probably be one of them.


Question 5: When can you start your work?

Usually, employers expect the answer of ‘immediate’. However, you may not be able to meet this expectation if you have a job currently. Therefore, you can tell the employers honestly.


Question 6: How can you benefit the company?

If you have previously answered your strength, you can further elaborate the strengths and let the employers think that your strengths can help the company to grow as a whole. There are a lot of ways that your strengths can help. You can even say that you would be able to bring in new culture to the workplace if you know that the company is famous for integrating different cultures into one workplace.


Question 7: How do you deal with a theft?

Security guard always needs to face this question during interview. You need to balance the need of maintaining the discipline of the place and the need to minimize disturbance on the others. For example, it would be silly to shout at a person in the museum while there are a lot of people visiting there. Thus, you need to adjust the answer according to the exact job that you are applying for.


Question 8: How do you manager your own house?

If you fail to keep good security in your house, it would not be easy for the interviewers to be convinced that you can keep good security for the building or company that you are working for.


Question 9: How much time do you use for patrolling in this place?

You usually do not know the exact time needed so you can mention answers like ‘I will follow the internal guideline about patrol when I am employed’.


Question 10: What would you say when you see some strangers?

When you are the security guard of private building, you would need to know how to answer this question. You may need to prepare a phrase for answering the question well.


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