Secure A Job Using Instagram

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How To Secure A Job Using Instagram


I bet you didn’t know that you can secure a job through a social media platform like Instagram right? Well, I am going to show you how in this post.


Branding Yourself

This goes without saying, but I am going to mention it anyway. Instagram is one of the best places to brand yourself. If you have an interest in a certain field, do not hesitate to post photos that relate to it. For instance, if you want to be an animator, post some of your work. If you wish to become a chef, post some of the best dishes you have ever made. If you want to attract employers through Instagram, it is imperative that you brand yourself effectively. Just ensure that your page is not a mixture of the random things in life if you want to secure a job through Instagram.


Use Hashtags

One of the best ways to bring potential employers to your page is using hashtags that relate to the type of career you want to peruse. By hashtags, I mean including industry keywords starting with a hash to describe the photograph you have posted. So, for instance, if you attended an important event of a company you want to work for, you can post a picture related to their line of work and describe it with a hashtag they have used to promote the event. This will make your post searchable to people who are keen about the event. You never know who might end up looking at your post, an employer maybe?


Follow, Follow and Follow!

If there is a company that you would like to work for, you have to follow and stay up to date with what they are up to. You can even look up for other businesses that are connected to that firms and follow their work so that you can show your interest in that enterprise. It is also a good idea to follow specific people or departments within that firm. This not only shows your interest, but it helps develop better relations with the workers that you have followed.



Again, here you will need the help of hashtags to get the attention of the company you want to secure a job in. You can also tag the company. This is not the best way to self-promote yourself, and so you need to ensure you tag them in exceptional stuff. advise that it is also best to keep in mind that the company might see you as a spammer and so, ensure you don’t tag them everywhere and use professional terms when you tag the enterprise in your posts.



Commenting on posts is one of the simplest ways of boosting connections. However, you need to ensure that your comments are relevant to the company’s posts. You should comment in a manner that shows you are interested and also have knowledge about the posts and the company as a whole. Try commenting in a manner that shows the firm that you are interested and fit for the job opportunity that they’re offering.


Building Strong Connections

After you have followed, hashtagged and tagged the company you wish to work in, your next step is trying to connect with them. An excellent way to achieve this is by continually commenting in their pots. You can ideally ask questions to stay in touch with the workers. You can also try answering the questions posted by them. This is quite helpful in creating a positive impact on the company.


Post Your Work

The best thing about Instagram when it comes to job seeking is that it is more of a visual platform. That means it offers a better opportunity for you to showcase your creative works in the form of photographs and videos. You can even post a video explaining why and what you can do related to the job you want. This will be more useful in fields like media, communications, and even fashion. Regardless, it’s important to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your skills, talents, and qualities.

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