Second Interview

Facing the Second Interview

Getting a call for second interview is of course a great sign but it is not a promise that you will be hired. Most of the organizations held different round of interview in order to confirm that they are selecting the right candidate.

After the first interview is completed they shortlist the candidates and then call them for second interview whom they find fit. Thus, if you have got a call for second interview there are reason for rejoicing, but you need to be careful too as you will be facing more competent competitors.

Don’t consider second interview as hiring

A common mistake that is done by most candidates when they get the call second time that they are hired. No, a call for interview second time does not promise that you will be hired. It is just another call where the hiring managers want to check out certain attributes of the candidates. You may be even called for another round of interview depending upon the recruitment process of the organization.

Thus, when you appear for the interview second time make sure that you maintain the same composed mindset that you had during your first interview. It will help you impress the interviewers as you had done earlier.

Making your impression

The second interview may be held by either the same group of people who had conducted the first interview or may be by someone else. During this interview you are judged in a more in-depth way and hence you have to prepare accordingly.

There is difference between the first one and the second one so while you attend the second one make sure that you have prepared for a HR round too. It is also necessary to impress the HR manager apart from impressing the hiring manager. Once done you can wait for yor third call and may be a call that you are hired!