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search for jobs

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 Strategic Method of Job Searching

Job searching is a very important research now-a-days. Acquaintance with this can be beneficial for a job-seeker. Most people search jobs only in a handful places like ads, agencies and random websites. But it is very essential to choose proper ways of how and where to search for jobs.


Steps to search for jobssearch for jobs

It will be beneficial if job searching is done strategically rather than just thinking about where to search for jobs. A strategic search includes some steps, which are very essential for job seeking. These are discussed below.


Specify what you want: People, you are connected with informally or professionally cannot help you unless you state explicitly what you want. This will cause them to think of you down the road when a vacancy is generated in their company.


Distinguish the companies you want to work for: To target your dream organizations in your specific field doesn’t limit you. It helps you to identify the connections you need to land in that company. This might also help you to step further and pitch the company that you want to work for them and you’re a good fit.


Grow your network: Networking is a well planned method to reveal opportunities. It is the easiest way to connect with people both you know (like your alumni) and those you have never met before (like the HR managers of various companies).


Communicate with the professionals: This includes attending events of professional organizations and connect with people, working for companies, you have targeted and it will streamline about where to search for jobs.


Find the hidden vacancies: We all know about hidden vacancies, which will never be advertised, yet candidates are hired against them through exclusive recommendations or by the head-hunters. You have to identify them carefully and choose at most five from them, whom you can trust and be prepared to follow up.


Recent researches have shown that one third of the job-seekers don’t find jobs and give up too soon. These people don’t search for jobs in a proper strategic way.  Now from now onwards whenever you’re searching for a new job or a changeover, do follow the steps of a strategic job search to get better results.

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