Sample Resume for Agriculture and food scientist

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Sample Resume for Agriculture and food scientist

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Career Profile

I am a highly talented, enthusiastic and self-motivated agricultural scientist with seven years of professional experience in the mentioned field and seeking a position as Agricultural scientist- Agronomist to utilize my skills and knowledge in a renowned agricultural firm.

Professional Strengths

  • In-depth knowledge of common Insect problems and plant diseases relevant to sod quality and seed.
  • Ability to maintain and establish good working relationships with others.
  • Familiar with the techniques, methods and procedures used in the chemical and physical analysis of soil and plant life.
  • Ability to generate innovative policies and assist in putting the policies of the government into practice.
  • Familiar with operating system like Microsoft word, PowerPoint, Excel and the Internet.
  • Possess good solving skills and ability to work independently.
  • Extensive knowledge of the methods and materials used in maintenance of plants.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Professional Experience

BFAP (Bikaner food and agro products), Bikaner

20xx till date

Assistant Agriculturalist


  • Handled the tasks of determining the requirements of projects and generate specifications for seeds and material for slope protection.
  • Conducted co-operative experiments with weed control authorities and chemical industries for the control of vegetation.
  • Responsible for reviewing daily reports on areas like slope protection, seeding, erosion control and borrow pit restoration.
  • Maintained good relationship with soil conservation service and performed cooperative trails.


Kanchan food and Agro products

20xx to 20xx

Junior Agriculturalist


  • Responsible for planning, preparing and organizing trails in the laboratory.
  • Handled the responsibilities of monitoring research sites like effective budget management, buildings and equipment’s.
  • Coordinate with technical development staff to discuss various issues.
  • Responsible for gathering and maintaining proper data record.
  • Handled the tasks of analyzing, writing and presenting reports on agricultural products.




  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Agricultural college, Georgina 19xx
  • Masters of Science in Agriculture, University of Georgina, Agriculture Department, Georgina 19xx.


Personal Details


  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Employment status: Full time

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