sample cover letter for resume

Drafting a job application cover letter that will impress the recruiter

While applying for a job, you take every care to make your Curriculum Vitae attractive so that it gets you the attention and focus of the hiring manager. However, you don’t give enough attention on the job application cover letter, a document that actually acts as the preface to your resume. Thus, it will be right to say that job application cover letter is your first representative and if you have to impress the recruiter, you inevitably need to make it attractive. Wondering how to accomplish this task? The sample cover letter for resume will extend you much assistance to the job seekers in these instances.


Important points to keep in mind while drafting a cover letter

  • Always prefix your resume with a cover letter: you should ensure that each time you are sending your resume to any company, you prefix it with the cover letter. Do this, unless the advertisement clearly states that you don’t need to send one.
  • Even if it takes time and you require putting significant effort to customize the cover letter for each application, still you should do that. It will make your cover letter unique and a stand-out among the bunch of the applications that the recruiter will receive.
  • You need to highlight your qualification that holds relevance to the position you are applying for. This will make your profile more appealing to the recruiter.
  • Use the cover letter to explain some of your key skills, competencies and experience that makes you the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Highlight your professional achievements and the awards you have won.
  • Mention the details of the training and certification programs that you have undergone. This will automatically trigger interest about you in the mind of the hiring manager.
  • You should uphold your communication, interpersonal and soft skill in the job application cover letter. While screening application, a hiring manager would give equal importance to these aspects as he would be giving to your academic profile or job skills.

While drafting the cover letter, ensure it is presented in a tidy and professional style. You may refer to the sample cover letter for resume for worthy assistance in this regard.



Sample of job application cover letter

Phone Number

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

I am interested in the (state the position you are applying for), as advertised in XXX. I am presently employed as  XXX (state your job title) with XXXX (your present employer’s name). I believe that the experience and skill I have accumulated from this profile, makes me the perfect candidate for the job you advertised.

(State a few skills, expertise, competence you hold that are relevant to the job you are applying for. State few of your achievements, rewards and recognition. Explain how this experience will enable you to perform better in your new job and how you feel it would add value to the existing standards of the new employer).

My latest Curricualm Viate is attached along with. I am looking forward to the meeting with  you and interact on this matter in details.

Your’s Sincerely,