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How to write a sample cover letter for job that sells?

Job Application covering letter is the document that precedes your Curriculum Viate, in instances of applying for any job. This document gives the recruiter the first impression about the profile of the applicant. Hence, you need to give equal importance to the cover letter as you give in glorifying your resume. Remember, unless this document appeal to the recruiter, he/she will hardly proceed to your Biodata that follows this letter. Thus, if you have to win over the recruiter, the cover letter should do the trick. You may draw some idea from sample cover letter for job to draft the perfect cover letter to apply for jobs.


Key things to keep in mind while writing the cover letter

  • The cover letter should be written in style so that it gives a synopsis about you to the recruiter. Neither you should make it lengthy, nor you should eliminate the worthy points about your profile to make it extremely short.
  • You should ensure that the letter is presented in a structured and professional style. If necessary, use bullet points to form excerpt of the points for instance reference.
  • Mention about your academic qualification
  • Speak about your work experience and the special achievements as well as professional rewards you have won.
  • Include the workshops, training programs and the certifications that you have undergone.
  • Uphold your soft skills that the concerned job demands.
  • Emphasize on your ability to collaborate and coordinate with people
  • You should always mention your computer knowledge
  • Mention the activities that comes within the areas of interest. This will give the recruiter an impression about your personality.
  • Express your interest about the job and the company you are applying for
  • Even if you get a sample cover letter for job, you should not simply copy from the reference document. Draw the ideas from the sample and draft a unique letter.

Sample job application cover letters

Phone Number

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

I am expressing my interest for the position of XXXX (name of the post you are applying for), open with your organization. As on date, I am working with XXX (present employer’s name) as XXX (your designation).

I completed my XXX (your highest degree) from XXX (name of the institute) in the year XXX (year of passing). On completion of my academics, my career started with XXX (your first employer) and as on date am having around XXX years of experience. In between this time, I got exposure to areas like XXXX (state a few years of works that you have previously worked upon and is relevant to the job you are applying for). I believe these exposures developed in me, skills and competencies like XXXX (a few key skills and soft skills that the job demand), making me the ideal candidate you would be looking for. Needless to say, my value-based upbringing developed in me strong moral character and strong level of integrity, ethics and trustworthiness.

So far training and certifications are concerned, following are few of the programs, I have gone through:

(List a few training and certification program you underwent)

My latest Curriculum Vitae has been attached with this letter. I am looking forward to the meeting with you wherein we can discuss about the job opening and my suitability with the job.

Thanking You





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