sample cover letter for government job

Your guide for the best cover letter to apply for government jobs

For the stability and rewards that government jobs can offer, these jobs are highly coveted by the job seekers. But, these jobs are highly competitive and hence, you need to take all measures that will get you an edge over your competitors. Fortunately, you can refer to the sample cover letter for government job that will help you in writing the most suitable and appealing cover letter to apply for these jobs. Remember, a stand-out cover letter will impress the hiring manager and get you his/her attention.

The key areas to cover in the cover letter

  • State your qualification and training & certifications that hold relevance to the job you are applying for.
  • Do you hold experience of working in similar/related profiles? If yes, narrate the same. If the previous job and the advertised job cater to the same target group, highlight the point to get the attention of the hiring manager.
  • Mention that you are in individual who have attention to detail. This is one of the key qualities, government employees should hold.
  • Uphold your strong moral character, ethical standards, integrity and credibility. Government agencies and departments give utmost importance on these aspects while hiring employees.
  • Explain what you have understood about the demand and objective of the job and mention a few kill skills that will enable you to meet the demand of the job.

Sample of cover letter to apply for Government jobs


Postal Address

Phone Number

Email address



Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. (Last name),

The letter has got reference to your advertisement for the position of XXX (the position you are applying for), as advertised in XXX (the advertisement media).

I have always thought of joining the public services as I feel this would give me a gallant chance to make some significant contribution to our country and most importantly, I will get the chance to relate myself with endeavors that targets to the welfare of the mass. Hence, once I saw your advertisement, I felt it to be the chances to accomplish my long-held aspiration.

I completed my graduation in the year xxx from xxx (name of the institute) and subsequently, I underwent the following training and certification programs:

(List a few training and certification program you underwent)

As for my professional Viate, I am presently associated with XXX (employer’s name) in the capacity of XXX (your post) since XXX (joining date). Following are the key responsibilities that I am handling in my present job:

(Make a bulleted list to include a few key areas of work and responsibilities for your present job)

I feel, my academic background and the training and certification I underwent, developed in me the right blend of expertise, skills, and competencies that are vital for the incumbent to fill up the open position with you.

I am looking forward to a round of meeting with you that will enable me to explain my suitability for this job. Awaiting your response.

Thanking You


Following the sample cover letter for government job, you will be able to draft the most appealing and engaging document, within the minimum time.