sample cover letter for entry level job

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How to write a convincing cover letter to apply for entry level jobs?

Writing the job application cover letter for entry level jobs can be quite difficult. It is mainly for the reason that you will not have a great deal of experience and exposure to the industry that you can showcase. However, being a bit wiser and tactical, you can overcome this shortcoming and the sample cover letter for entry level job will enable you to draft a document that will enable you to sell yourself to the recruiters. Let’s explore a few tricks and tips for writing the cover letter, while applying for entry-level jobs.


How to write the cover letters for entry level jobs?

  • Uphold your educational qualification. If you have a superlative academic track record, use it to impress the recruiter.
  • Mention the training and certification programs that you have undergone. Emphasis on those programs that will be especially relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Mention your volunteering experiences, projects as well as leadership experience as well as extra curricular activities. Assume, you are applying for a job with an event management company, mention your experience in arranging events in your schools, college or community.
  • Mention those experiences and exposure in personal life that relates to the job you are applying for.
  • You should mention about your computer knowledge
  • State that you are willing to learn new things, ready to take challenges, enjoy working as a team and mention your communication, interpersonal and soft skills.

The sample cover letter for entry level job will enable you to form a stand-out document with minimum personalization.

Here is a format that you can use while applying for entry level jobs

Your Name


Phone Number

Email address


Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. (Last name)

This letter has reference to your advertisement for the open position of XXX(post you are applying for) with your esteemed organization.

I completed my graduation from the XXX (name of your college) in XXX (year of passing) with my specialization on XXX (area of academic specialization). This developed in me the understanding and knowledge of the job responsibilities and key skills for the position you have advertised for. In addition, I posses above par communication skill, strong interpersonal skills as well as the other soft skills that you feel important for this position. I  am a sort of a person who has got attention to detail, willing to love challenges and approach everything in life with due sincerity, enthusiasms and preparation that I feel  is the basic factors to taste professional success.

I have undergone training and certification programs like XXXX (training and certifications you underwent) that developed in me all the necessary skills and competencies that your job demands. In addition, I completed XXX (computer course you underwent) course that I feel will support me to perform my duties better, while on board with you.

I always have a special interest in serving a company like yours that have the reputation for assisting young talents like me to blossom to the full potential.

I am looking forward to a meeting with you to discuss more about the job and my suitability for the position.

Your’s sincerely


If you are writing an email to apply for the job, you should mention the position you are applying for in the subject line. You should include your contact details in the signature panel of the email.


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