Salesman interview questions

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Salesman interview questions


When you try to apply for the job as salesman, you would need to prepare different interview questions in advance.


Question 1: Tell me about the favorite product of our shop.

This question aims at testing your understanding about the products sold by the company or the shop. If you are interviewing for a job which sells clothes, you must not answer that your favorite product of the shop is a car.


Question 2: What attracts you to the industry?

When people ask you this question, you are required to demonstrate that you love to interact with people, rather than simply earning money.


Question 3: What do you do for your own professional development?

When you receive this question, you have to show that you are eager to learn and you always look for learning opportunities in your work.


Question 4: How much time can you spend for this job in a week?

You have to read the information about the recruitment poster beforehand. There should usually be a minimum working hour requirement stated. If you answer a value which is smaller than this requirement, you obviously would be rejected.


Question 5: Describe a situation that you feel embarrassed at your work.

You have to share an experience which should be real. Otherwise, you cannot make up a story comprehensively.


Question 6: How did you tackle the embarrassment you have just mentioned?

As mentioned above, you cannot make up a story about the experience because follow up questions like this would always be raised.


Question 7: What sales skills do you think would be the most important for successful salesmen?

You have to prepare this before the internet. It is because there would be many types of key factors contributing to the success of a salesman and you have to select a few out of these. Typical answers would include communication skills and detail-oriented manner. If you are working for a firm which sells merchandizes, detail-oriented would be very important because you may lose the stocks if you do not pay attention to potential thefts.


Question 8: Sell this product to me

Usually, the employer would point at a certain object inside the interview room and you would be required to answer the question. This requires you to have the skill to think quickly and speak quickly.


Question 9: How would you end a selling process with your customer?

There would be typical phrases that you can answer, such as “Thank for shopping here and hope to see you again”. These phrases are formal and common answers that you can use for answering the questions. These answers are also useful in the real life.


Question 10: How many rejections did you receive every week on average?

This question aims at testing whether you are honest. You need to tell the roughly true number but state that you are always improving and you can do better in the new firm. This would make the employer have the confident that you can grow and contribute in the firm.


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